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I know why I am not a Halloween fan

It hit me today while I was sitting at a day long appointment (see tomorrow’s post about that!) why I am not a fan of Halloween. I am all about fun and honestly I really don’t even mind the lollies or dressing up. Here’s the thing as long as I don’t have to!


And Breathe …

Things have been crazy busy around here. Mr Haze has been away for work which meant that I had to jump in with both feet and do the do. Once upon a time this wouldn’t be a big deal, something that I wouldn’t even have given a second thought to. But this is the first… Read More And Breathe …



Anniversaries are funny things. Most of the time when people think of anniversaries they think of good times. Birthdays, momentous occasions in our lives. Happy times of celebrations. Sometimes though anniversaries are events in our lives that are other meaningful moments, sad moments, times where we remember our loved ones.