Friday May 12, 2001 I was getting ready to leave for the football with my dad and I just knew something wasn’t right so I did a pregnancy test.  I surprisingly got a positive result.  I quickly rang Andrew at work who had no idea that I was even doing a pregnancy test.  So he was shocked as you could imagine.  Meanwhile my Dad was calling out that we had to leave. 

So skip forward a week or so and I end up in hospital with hyperemesis.  This was to become a pattern for my pregnancy.  Throughout the short 31wks that I was pregnant I spent 10 wks all up in hospital.  This was for various reasons but mostly vomiting and dehydration.
In addition to being pregnant Andrew and I decided that with a baby on the way we needed to find our own home.  So we quickly arranged a homeloan and looked for a house to buy.  We eventually settled on a lovely little house just north of Wollongong, 5 mins walk to the beach, close to schools and transport. 

The week before we moved in I had a huge scare and went into labour.  I was only 25 wks pg at this point so it was very scary.  Andrew raced from work and I had a hairy ride in an ambulance thankfully the labour was able to be stopped.  I left hospital the day before we moved into our own home.  This was the day that I moved out of home for the first and last time.  Well this is a little bit of an exaggeration I did live next door to them for 3 yrs but Mum was always there.  Now she was going to be 45 mins away. 

The next few weeks were hard I was on total bedrest and Drew was working and trying not to worry about me.

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