Ok so that is probably very dramatic and also somewhat of an overreaction but at that moment when I was sprawled across the footpath with complete strangers wanting to help me that is how I felt.  I have a habit of being a bit clumsy of late I wish I had a reason for it!

Over the last six months my injuries have included t4 syndrome in the right shoulder with some postural overload thrown in (couldn’t use my arm properly for about 3mths!!!), I dislocated my finger taking Zac’s surfboard off the car, I tore the muscle off my shin bone tapping a paint tin lid into the tin with my heel and now I have sprawled myself across the footpath for all to see.

I had a glimpse of what this looked like when my mum fell on our way out of the train station at Central at the beginning of a family outing to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.  Poor mum she rolled her ankle and hit her elbow and everyone walking past kept offering help but given there were three other adults and three kids she just wanted to get out of there and for the ground to swallow her up!  Boy do I know how she felt.  In mum’s case she ended up with a small break in the bone between her shoulder and elbow and a small fracture in her ankle!

For me I was simply walking along racing to get back to work after ducking out for a leg wax and I just didn’t see the piece of wood at the edge of the garden bed so I think I partially stepped on it rolling my left ankle and thumping my right knee into the concrete!!!  I am not sure really what is hurting more today.  I had an X-ray on my ankle and we are pretty sure there is no major damage just a really bad sprain.  My knee however feels weird, again, I am sure it is nothing major but its sure as heck not comfortable.

In reality I think I have a family of clumsy people one of our twins has been stitched up twice once inside her mouth and once in her chin, that’s not including the huge fall she took and split her lip when we were visiting Warrnambool last year.  Our son had two trips to hospital with suspected spinal injuries from football (not quite falling over but still …) and our other twin fell out of the caravan door.  That combined with my mother’s ability to fall at the drop of a hat I think my kids are destined to be the ones that fall a lot!!!

Its quite frustrating really because I am sitting looking at a gorgeous day outside that I really can’t walk to the beach to enjoy!!

Oh well there are certainly worse things in life that a little bit of public humiliation!!!  Oh and at least I wasn’t the lady walking down the street in Port Macquarie with her skirt tucked in her knickers! Have you had any public humiliation of late?

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