It feels like a lifetime since I have been at work though it is really only two weeks.  Partly, it feels so long because I only officially work three days in the office so had two days off prior to officially going on leave.  The other reason I am sure it feels so long since being at work has something to do with the 2095kms we have travelled by car since I have been on leave!

In true Aussie style we packed up the car and headed off on holidays!  These holidays included two family Christmas celebrations and a New Year celebration.

On Christmas eve in the pouring rain My Man loaded up the car with all the presents, surfboard, body boards, 5 bikes and clothes to head south to my parents house.  They have an amazing home that we love to visit it is very close to the water on Jervis Bay with amazing views it truly does make you want to say “ahhhh the serenity …” We always have a lovely time when we visit my parents the kids love going there and hanging out with Nan & Pop, though I suspect it have more to do with that Pop lets them pretty much do whatever they want (he has always struggled with the word no even when I was a child), and I think they especially love Pops boat!!!

We had a very lovely Christmas day with my family and the kids had fun playing with their cousins.  After Christmas we stayed for a few days and headed home just in time to unpack and repack the car to head north for our second Christmas celebration with My Man’s family.

The car once again loaded up with bikes (that we didn’t use once on our trip north far too hilly in Port Macquarie as it turns out!!)  and surfboard more presents (though less that the trip south) more food and lots of clothes we headed north.  The drive north was uneventful albeit long!  The kids were pretty awesome thanks to the DVD player in the car (what did we do as kids lots of really annoying games of spotto and I spy I think!)  We had the one stop at a mandatory golden arches though thankfully the kids weren’t interested in the food there more the toilets!

Eventually we arrived at our home for the next week a gorgeous caravan in the front yard of My Man’s sister’s house.  It was great to have a little bit of space that was ours for a week.  After unloading what seemed like half the house the kids were off playing and in usual style for my family one of the kids hurt themselves!!  I tried the tough love, ice pack, and mummy cuddles though non of this really worked!  After about 2 hrs My Man and I headed off to the hospital to ensure there was no break and in true kid style she woke up the next morning and ran on the leg that was hurting so much the night before she had to be carried everywhere!!!

Our trip north included a second Christmas celebration, a New Years celebration, movies, surfing lessons, catching up with friends and lots of swimming.  It was sad to leave but mostly because leaving meant that it was back to reality when we came home.

So that brings me to here Sunday night before work tomorrow morning … what I think I would really like to do is stay at home watch the kids and knit but I know this isn’t possible.

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