Ok I’m pretty sure I’m not alone here but I hate doing the washing!  To me it is such a pointless exercise especially washing my kids clothes.  They are terrible at keeping the clean ones clean and in fact even discerning which ones are clean and which ones aren’t.

I will typically find piles and piles of clothes in the kids rooms including but not limited to wet swimmers in swimming bags from swimming class, wet towels also from said class, wet towels they are too lazy to hang back up in the bathroom, clothes that are in various stages of dirty and clean washing they were too lazy to put away (this is often found back in the dirty washing basket!!) it annoys me no end.  I actually often find dirty clothes back in the clean clothes drawers because they have been told to clean up so they just pick everything up and shove it out of sight.

But my disdain for washing doesn’t just end there.  I really find it such a pointless exercise it reminds me of Groundhog Day you do the same thing over and over it never changes.  You wash the clothes for them to get dirty again and then you have to wash again.

I know people who get quite frustrated with how I do my washing.  I am happy that it has just made it from the dirty basket into the machine but apparently that isn’t good enough.  I am supposed to sort white and lights, light colours, dark colours, towels, sheets, permanent press the list goes on.  As I say I really don’t like washing and yet it seems to dominate my life.  I rarely see the bottom of the washing basket my man and I share and I only get to the bottom of the kids because well they have less clothes.

I wash don’t get me wrong but I just don’t like doing it.  I am also guilty of going through the basket and washing the favourite clothes with the least favs staying at the very bottom.  The beauty of washing this way is that I will often get a surprise when something appears back in my cupboard!

Having said all of that I can appreciate a good drying day you know the one where the sun shines high and there is a nice breeze strong enough to blow the washing but not so strong it blows you over when you are trying to hang the washing.  I am also pretty lucky in that my man understands that I am washing challenged and if I can do the washing part I am unlikely to do the bringing in part or the folding part and picks up my slack.  We make a good team my man and I.  I am also pretty lucky in that he actually (if I am completely honest) does a darn sight more of the washing than I do!

My favourite part of washing however is the feeling of fresh sheets as you slide into bed that first time or the crisp doona cover as you unfold it and make the bed it always looks nice.

Oh and ironing its not something I do so let’s not go there … What are your thoughts on washing?

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