Ok so it’s seems there might be a spill at the federal level of government next week.  It seems that yet again ppl are running the country based on polling numbers and not what’s best.  

I’m not a fan at all of Abbott that’s no secret but I thought that he would survive especially as so much of the public voted LNP at the last election.  Sure they are proving to be just as dysfunctional and breaking as many promises (including backflips on policy announcements after they’ve happened) but I thought we would get through 3yrs with one leader.  
Frankly, LNP for me it’s not the leader but your policies that I take issue with.  If you firmly believe there is a budget crisis (which mr hockey has also stated in another country there really isn’t he just said it) then why have the current govt added to the deficit, sure your budget is still blocked in the senate and it’s nearly time to try to get another one through.  You need to be conciliatory and work with the senate not simply railroad things through.  
Sure hard times call for desperate measures but I’m not sure those measures should be on the poorest and least able in society.  I’m not talking about middle class welfare (family tax benefit) I know many of my friends don’t get this but think of it this way how fortunate are you that in your family your have such high incomes (and jobs in the first place!) that you don’t qualify.  Sure it sucks that the top end pays more tax than the bottom end but that is how our tax system is and i doubt that will ever change.  I also struggle with being told how tough we have to have it and how we can’t get pay rises or tax cuts but you give yourselves huge increases!  Perhaps it’s time you lived on under 100k with no allowances and paid mortgages, school, medical and all other costs associated with living.  
I struggle with decisions like introducing medical co-payments to pay for research if you said this would fund more hospitals or beds or aged care then maybe it would be more palatable (I didn’t say I would like it just more palatable).  
Education has to be a cornerstone of a good developed nation but deregulating fees will make this something out of reach for many, and with less and less apprenticeships available if our children don’t have university education it will be incredibly difficult for them to get jobs.  
While on the subject of jobs where are those jobs you promised Mr Abbott so far on your watch all major car manufacturers have pulled out of Australia, Qantas has announced at least 5000 job cuts, you have started slashing the already stretched public service so they are cuts.  Where are the jobs?  You talk to business about removing penalty rates but who will work weekends if you don’t pay them more?  What’s in it for the worker? 
You say these things and many others are good for the economy so slashing funding to services in communities for playgroups and community centres and aged care services how are these good for the economy?  You promised to still fund the NDIS but that is still not up and running.  
The burden of tough choices seems to be heavily weighted to those who can least afford to cope already.  This is why ppl who may have voted for your are now running miles. 
Mr Abbot and the LNP perhaps rather than a #spill you should consider a double dissolution and we can start again.  Labor party And the Greens take note the country doesn’t want continued spending on frivolous things it wants responsible government.  Don’t think should there be a huge swing in the polls this is because you are loved it is because most ppl can’t stand the other side more!  
To all parties what ppl really want is to hear what you are going to do, what your vision is and how you plan to get us there.  Sometimes these paths may be rocky but stay true to these things, ppl and voters have more respect for anyone who stays true to principles.  
To the voting public don’t vote for who you like the most but vote based on policy and ideology.  Yes you need to inform yourself from other sources than talkback radio and Murdoch media.  It’s certainly not easy to find it given the chuck they own but it’s there become informed, make informed choices not protest votes in the long run it will be better!  
To the mainstream media enough already!  Give us a news cycle or even just one hr without a personality based opinion.  Do some real journalism, investigate things, find out the real impacts of policies, inform us don’t just regurgitate press releases that I know you do because I’ve written releases and seen them in print!  That is lazy and insulting.  
To this government and the next get on with it, behave like grown educated adults that you are not playground bullies it’s not dignified.  But most of all let’s all pull together to make Australia great, the envy of other countries.  

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