It’s Friday, last day of school holidays, and I saw that I posted an apology yesterday. Lots of people are telling me that most importantly I need to forgive myself, maybe I do, but to do that I really need to remember the day before. Anyway, to take a break from my life, I saw this list of prompts about taking stock on a blog I follow¬†the fifo wife¬†I thought I would take stock of my life just for something different.
Making: I have a crochet blanket in my bag which looks to be red, white and black I am guessing Dragons colours and I have started a beanie for myself I think given its pink so it clearly is either for me or the girls!
Cooking: Dinner! Meatloaf and potato gems nothing too difficult and it took me numerous messages to mum because I couldn’t remember what to do but I got it done!
Drinking: Tea, lots and lots of tea it was freezing here today and I was trying to get warm all day!
Reading: Not much, my journal mostly, trying very hard to read a book but it is really hard if I can’t finish it in a day!
Wanting: My life back!
Looking: For my memory!
Playing: Not much I forget to go back to it!
Deciding: Again not a lot given I couldn’t make a decision today and not remember it! Certainly no major life decisions.
Wishing: To get better.
Enjoying: Trying to enjoy every little thing.
Waiting: For my memory to come back but I am not the world’s most patient person!
Liking: Being with my family.
Wondering: If life will ever be normal again.
Loving: My family I wouldn’t be here without them.
Pondering: Life.
Considering: Where to from here.
Buying: Nothing not a single thing in months.
Watching: Cricket and Rugby League.
Hoping: That I will get better sooner rather than later.
Marvelling: At the brain and how powerful and yet fragile it is all at the same time.
Cringing: At how incredibly needy I am at the moment.
Needing: Lots of reassurance and I hate it.
Questioning: My life.
Smelling: A lavender & mint candle trying to relax.
Wearing: My Pj’s (i’m in bed with the hot water bottle)
Following: Lots of things but nothing regularly because I forget!
Noticing: That it is ridiculously cold today!
Knowing: That I am loved.
Thinking: How can I overcome these crazy, stupid thoughts in my head.
Admiring: My husband and family for just everything.
Sorting: My head.
Getting: My life back.
Bookmarking: Lots of things but who knows it I will ever read them.
Coveting: Anyone who appears to have it together, I get they probably don’t but I can’t even fake it at the moment.
Disliking: Being so needy and dependent on other people.
Opening: Not much these days.
Giggling: Silly things on facebook.
Feeling: Sad.
Snacking: Chocolate is there anything else at all?
Helping: As much as I can.
Hearing: Too much trying to turn all the noise down in my head.
What’s happening in your world? Anything exciting?
Cathy xoxo

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