I was inspired to write this by a writer that I love Mrs Woog.
Most of you know who I am but just in case just briefly; I am Cathy, wife to a great man who supports me in all my craziness.  I am also Mum to three gorgeous kids, one son and twin girls (and yes I get them mixed up all the time!)  These four people are the light of my life, we also have two furbabies Chewy & Obi – I’m reliably told after Chewbacca & Obi Wan Kenobi.  We live south of Sydney in the Illawarra region.  In a former life I trained as a high school teacher but have worked in so many different jobs including Aged Care nursing, Sales & Marketing, Communications, Advertising, Project Management – you name it there is some likelihood I have had a little bit of experience in it (well all except manual labour type jobs!)  These days my fulltime job is recovery, recovery from a breakdown, getting my mental health back on a liveable even keel and being the best wife, mum & friend I can be.  
I like lots of sports netball, cricket, rugby league you name it I will probably watch it all except golf, billiards and lawn bowls, I used to play netball but those days are long behind me.  These days I ride my bike on a stationery trainer until I get my balance back which could be a while before I head out into the world on the bike.  
My favourite foods include milk chocolate, white chocolate, flavoured milk chocolate ummm nenish & pineapple tarts, and a good chai latte.  I love to bake and cook and I do these from the heart for the people I love. My favourite things to cook are homely meals full of nourishment and decadent goodness like butter, cream, you know all the things “they” say are bad for you.  I am pretty famous for my desserts, cakes and mushrooms (you know the yummy pastry ones.)  I know that I can still do these things it just takes me a lot longer to plan and organise and focus on these tasks at the moment.  I don’t drink alcohol but do love a good mocktail.
In the before I would knit and crochet to wind down, I am still finding it hard to organise my thoughts to get these things done, the good news is my hand is mostly cooperating these days so once I can coordinate the brain with the hands I should be able to get back into these hobbies.  I have a huge stash of wool in my craft corner in my room so I obviously had lots of projects planned! 
I created mummyhaze mainly for me to write down some of the craziness in my head to try and clear some of the haze that was life with three small children.  It was sadly neglected but anyone with three young children can understand this I am sure.  These days mummyhaze has become the palce for me to write about my life in the now, the confusion that it is for me and as part of my recovery.  
Thank you for reading my ramblings about me and please I would love, love, love to hear a little about you, even if I know you from the before.  
Cathy xoxo

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