There is no such thing as too much cake, well there probably is but I am yet to discover a time.  I think mainly because I don’t eat that much cake.  I love to bake and in reality I don’t eat all that much cake compared to the amount of cake that I bake.  My… Read More Cake!

Invisible Illness, The Haze

Change …

Change is an inevitable part of life.  Change will happen regardless of how hard we try to hold on and stop it.  Change is not something that I leap at enthusiastically, in fact it would be better to describe my feelings on change as something I am dragged to kicking and screaming all while digging… Read More Change …

The Haze

45 years

Forty five years is a long time in anyone’s language.    A lot of things can happen in 45 years.  In Australia we have had 12 Prime Ministers, we got out of one war and been involved in three others.  There have been world catastrophes both from human hand and Mother nature.  There have in… Read More 45 years