I was walking through the kitchen/backroom area this morning and all I could smell was vomit.  But as neither of these rooms are typically where vomit would be found in our house (bedroom or bathroom yes but not the kitchen!) I was confused.

I figured that where it was coming from it was highly unlikely to be vomit but what could it be.  In the very short period of time prior to leaving for cricket this morning I moved a few things on the bench and thought I had narrowed it down to some old dried milk on the bench (gross I am very well aware of this!) so I hit it with lavender spray and wipe.  That seemed to make a big difference but I could still smell it on the other side of the bench.  I called out for some boiling water and a huge dose of  lavender
disinfectant if I couldn’t find the source I was going to quickly disinfect the floors before heading out.  
As we left I felt pretty chuffed with myself I had located the source of the stench, I was reliably told by the 10yr olds that smell had been around for a few days!  Thank goodness for amnesia these are the things that I don’t remember and am very happy not to! 
When we got home from cricket the 14yr old walked through the same space I had earlier and exclaimed blergh all I can smell is vomit.  This is when someone pipes up to say that there was some washing that had possibly sat a little too long in the laundry so maybe that was the source of the smell.  But it just didn’t seem to be nearly as strong out there.  
After the boys headed back out for another 6 hours of cricket (because 3 is not enough in the morning and there will also be another 3 or so tonight thanks to the Day/Night test!) I was determined to find the source.  It was getting impossible to walk into the kitchen.  I was starting to think that perhaps something had died and I was really starting to worry.  
There are a couple of things I don’t do at all: 
*  Rodents of any kind!  Rats, mice, house trained mice your name it I scream.  In fact I have been known to scream so loudly that a mouse keeled over, hubby likes to tease me that I screamed it to death! 
*  Dead things of any kind!  Especially dead rodents! 
With that in mind I was really starting to get worried that perhaps I was going to have to deal with a dead rodent as the smell was not going away.  That was when I found it!  
A half full metal jug that had clearly once been home to left over frothy milk from the coffee machine!  The contents of this jug no longer resembled milk in any form (including liquidity!) I yelled for more lavender disinfectant and hot water set to boiling … 
And just like that the smell is gone.  Please help me feel a little better about myself and share your random pungent smell stories!  
New rule folks if there is EVER left over milk after frothing tip it out or drink it up but do not leave lying around for Mum to locate at a significantly later date! 
Hope your Saturday is better smelling than mine.  Though with all the lavender I have used and the lavender melts I have on the go this is much closer to it and I am likely to give myself a headache with all the lavender!

Cathy xoxo 

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  1. Old milk DOES smell like a dead animal! One of my students must have spilled milk down the back of the classroom fridge and it leaked down to the tray underneath. It took us a week to locate the source. It was unbearable so I fully sympathise with you!

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