It is not secret at all that 2015 has been a pretty long tough year for me and well frankly just about everyone I know has been through something life changing who knows perhaps it was something in the air!  I will be glad to see the back of it as I am certain many others will be too.  It is often hard to remember the good things that happen unless they are huge!

On that note here are a few things I am incredibly grateful for in 2015:

*  My beautiful family and the friends I have been blessed with
*  I have managed to get a few things back to “normal” (whatever that is) like knitting, crochet, baking

Of course there are all the normal things like jobs, health, children, food on the table etc.  I think in my case the very fact that I am here to enjoy all the everyday normal things is something to be grateful for.

On that note I honestly think I would like to leave 2015 behind and start a new.  That doesn’t mean that things are very different for me in that I still have lots of memory loss (though I can usually fake it through a day if I need to – thank God for fb!), I still have a long way to go with lots of things but I have the support I need to be able to do that.  I have over and over thanked everyone for standing by me this year and I truly mean that.

So instead of looking back I want to look forward, I have lots of things I want to do, lots of dreams but for now I will be happy to get up tomorrow and remember what I did today.

In 2016 some things I want to do:

*  I want to keep getting well
*  I want to learn how to make dumplings
*  I want to get off my walking stick
*  I want my driver’s licence back
*  I want to at least double my writing on my blog

Somethings I will do to occupy my time:

*  Read books at the moment I am enjoying The Chocolate Promise by Josephine Moon
*  Knit and crochet … I appear to have a long list of scarves I need to knit
*  Write lots of my writing barely makes sense to me but at least I keep writing.  One day I hope to turn it into something meaningful but we will see
*  Now that my toe isn’t hurting as much get back on my bike and start getting my 30mins a day back into my routine
*  Write more often on here

Somethings I hope to do:

*  Catch up with friends more often even if that means them coming to me
*  Investigate an idea I have and how it would be possible to bring it to life
*  Finally start some actual real work on a book I have been looking at for nine years now

Image source: life, love and hiccups

I have lots of other dreams but these are not resolutions in anyway, they are very much long term plans for the future.  So they are not related just to 2016 as much as they are to 2016 and beyond!  I saw this today on Down that little lane and I think this is a great idea for 2016.  These are things I will need to think about so I will get back to you on these.

I am spending tonight with my family, parents, aunties, uncles, and a cousin and his family.  It will be a nice night surrounded by lots of love but very low key which is exactly how I like it.

Lastly the biggest thank you to everyone who has in anyway supported me this year it helps me more than you know.

I hope that whatever you do for NYE you have a lovely time and see you on the flip side!

Image source:  little paper lane

hugsCathy xoxo 

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