Have you ever rediscovered something that you once loved and then somehow life moved on and so did you?

This has happened to me recently and yes, it goes without saying that everyday I rediscovered lots of things.  This discovery was different.  I discovered a whole heap of my old music!  You know CDs from the early days!

I also have a huge amount of LP Records (and 12inch singles) around somewhere too I think they are in the roof space though.  Given my fear of ladders and well the fact that I can barely stand up to balance there is little chance of me climbing up there to find the records.  Oh and combine that with the fact that we don’t actually have a record player (or a cd player we use the Playstation by the looks of things!) there would really be no point except to reminisce.

I think I can do that pretty well without getting my records down.

Here are some notable (or perhaps not) mentions:

*  Clarence Carter – Strokin’ 12inch
*  Paul Lekakis – Boom Boom
*  Wham – Make it big and Fantastic
*  Bros – Push
*  1927 – Ish
*  Robert Plant – Now & Zen
*  John Cougar Mellancamp – Lonesome Jubilee
*  Paula Abdul – Forever your girl
*  INXS – Kick
*  Grease
*  The Specials – Self Titled & More Specials
*  Duran Duran – Seven & the Ragged Tiger
*  Violent Femmes – Self Titled
*  Michael Jackson – Thriller
*  Ratcat – Blind Love
*  The Radiators – Feel the Heat
*  Hunters & Collectors
*  Madness – Mad Not Mad

And so many more.  I didn’t say it was a good selection, it is certainly interesting.  If I had a record player probably one of the first I would listen to would be Duran Duran so here is a film clip to reminisce.

Video – Duran Duran Union of the Snake

On the more recent CD front (these are as equally eclectic) some of the ones I have rediscovered are:

*  Falling Joys – Wish List
*  Nirvana – Nevermind
*  The Clouds – Loot, Penny Century & Octopus
*  Billy Bragg – Talking to the taxman about Poetry & Don’t try this at home
*  New Order Compilation
*  Triple Hottest 100 from 1994-1999
*  Midnight Oil Best Of
*  Janet Jackson – Janet
*  Jill Sobule – Self Titled & Happy Town
*  Indigo Girls – Rites of Passage & 4.5 Best of
*  Hunters & Collectors
*  Shaggy – Bombastic
*  Living Colour – Stain
*  Paul Kelly

But probably the one that I have on high rotation at the moment is Wendy Matthews – Lily.  She has this beautiful soothing voice that is just divine to listen to.

Video – Wendy Matthews The Day You Went Away
It is fairly clearly evident that I spent a lot of money on music throughout the late 80s and 90s!  There are many things that are coming back into fashion from the 80s some of the music could be quite happily left behind but lots of it is actually really great catchy tunes that you can dance to.  Much of the music from the 90s revolved around the pub scene especially for me that many the Lansdowne, St George Leagues, Selinas at the Coogee Bay with it’s sticky carpet, Coyotes many times to see Def-FX, The Annandale, and when I wasn’t in the pubs I was on Oxford st dancing the night away (or Carmens in Miranda!)
There are times when I wonder why I can’t fit into that size 8 black skirt I used to wear everywhere or my little hot pants I would hazard a guess it has a whole lot to do with the amount I used to eat (not much), smoking cigarettes, substituted alcohol for food and danced for hours and hours (plus walked EVERYWHERE when we couldn’t get Taxis – I once walked from Shark Park to Soldiers Rd Jannali at about 2am in the morning alone pre mobile phones!!!! About 10km!)
Is there anything you have recently re-discovered that brings back happy memories?
Have a great weekend albeit a hot one so I hope you can find somewhere to stay cool!
Cathy xoxo 


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