This morning I discovered that our next door neighbour has a chicken (I am not sure if there is more than one but I only heard one.)  I was relaying this story to the children.  

I was telling them that I heard this Bkerk, then another Bkrerk and there it was again Bkerk.  I wasn’t exactly sure I know I am a bit slow on the uptake at times.  It suddenly hit me bloody chickens!  Great was my first thought, quickly followed by #@$% mice, it’s wings better be clipped!  Last time they had them one flew over the fence was chased around our yard by our old dog who cornered it then it played dead!  Hubby and I think #$%^ he’s killed it hubby goes to pick it up and it sprang to life!  I laughed so hard I tell you, he didn’t at the time scared the crap out of him!  We took the dog inside and figured if it got here it could get back and if not the dog would sort it out eventually!  Not that we really wanted that to happen!  Sure enough eventually it went back home so we could let the dog back out.  

My gorgeous boy Ruts

Then it all started!  Bkerk goes the chook, woof woof barks one of our dogs!  Bkerk, woof woof woof, Bkerk, woof woof woof woof.  Are you getting the picture?  My thoughts of a quiet morning outside on the deck were rapidly vanishing with the discovery of this bloody chicken!  

Obi Wan

Next thing I hear Bkerk, scratch scratch scratch Bkerk followed by more scratching of nails on a colour bond fence.  On investigation I discover both of our dogs scratching and digging to find what the noise was!  This was not happening, seriously I have just got the kids back to school I just wanted some peace.  


With the scratching, digging, barking I took my dogs inside.  Next thing I hear is more Bkerks and howling from what sounds like a dog the size of a small bear that sounds to be coming from the house the other side of the house with the chickens!!!  Awesome this goes on for about another ten minutes!  Then silence the giant sounding dog either ate the chicken or the chicken went to sleep, stopped Bkerking and stopped annoying the street full of dogs!  

Anyone who thinks dog barking is annoying has never listened to a chicken Bkerk for at least 30 minutes non stop!  

This is a video of the kids laughing at my story telling!  This is a good five minutes after I had finished my story!!!  They had sore tummies and chests from laughing so hard!  I truly didn’t think it was that funny but apparently it was! 


I just want to be super clear no chickens were harmed by me or my dogs (or the other dogs in the st!) to the best of my knowledge today and I will endeavour as best as I can to keep it that way.  
Cathy xoxo 

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  1. We are moving at the end of the month and apparently there's a chicken living next door. We also have four dogs. OMG. At least your neighbour's chicken had the sense to play dead. It must have been hilarious when it 'came back to life'! I love that photo of Ruts. You'll treasure that video of your kids laughing for the rest of your life 🙂

  2. This is priceless footage of the kids! Especially as we have had a really tough year and they are still laughing which is awesome! Good luck with your move and your dogs and chicken! Let me know how it goes!

  3. I've always wanted a chicken but I don't think that's going to happen – can you imagine a chicken on a balcony. The strata police would not be happy! Your pooches always look so cute, I never had them down as chicken hunters!

  4. ha ha, I love the sound of chickens, though I used to be really scared of them. We since had a chicken coop and I feel in love with their quirky personalities.

  5. Sammy I don't actually think my boys want to do anything other than play with the chickens! They are so funny stalking in the backyard to try and find the sound!

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