It is no secret that I have incredible struggles with telling our twin daughters apart and get them confused all the time but when they get confused with who is who that struggle just got real!

This morning I overhead this between the girls as they were getting ready to ride to school.

Lily was getting drink bottles for them both and called out to her sister

“Lily I have drink bottles for you”
I was a little confused I said “Did you just call your sister Lily?”
Her reply was “Yes” (as if I was the daft one!)  “I didn’t know who I was for a minute, it’s ok Mum we do it all the time!”

Let’s face it the morning is really not the best time of day for me and it doesn’t take a lot to confuse me!  I asked the girls do you often get confused who is who?

Charlotte then regales stories of all the times they get confused!  Charlotte is such an entertainer and really loves to be dramatic so any opportunity really.

I got told about the time that friends arrived to pick up their siblings who had come over for the afternoon and they said are you Charlotte or Lily?  Charlotte said she had to have a look at her sister who was sitting in the toy room to be sure that she was Charlotte!

Lily proceeds to laugh and says Mum I often have to have a look in the mirror to see who I am because I just forget!

Then of course they both thought it was hilarious that sometimes they just forget their own name so it is easier to use her sister’s name because she knows that!  I said how often do you do this quite often apparently!

Oh boy, what am I going to do?  They actually don’t care if anyone gets them mixed up because they both said Mum we get confused with each other all the time so its ok that you don’t know!  Glad to know that they are sympathetic to my plight!

I guess the moral to this story and the take home message for you is don’t feel bad if you get confused because they do too!

Here’s a few photos for those of you who haven’t met them in person you will understand the struggle I am sure.

Three generations With my sister by my side I am safe T-shirts I made so happy! Christening day Happy days! All ready for our important date - with my sister by my side Our big meeting with Princess Mary & Prince Frederick First day of schoolselfies on mum's iPad Holding the Ashes Crystal.

I’d love to tell you who is who in each of these photos but unless I can see a bracelet (and in some I can’t!) on either a R or L arm I am lost!  Luckily they love me and will help me!

Hope you all have an amazing weekend whatever you are up to.

Cathy xoxo

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