I have moved my writing over here.  I have a couple of reasons for that mostly because I like that I can do more with the website here.

As I posted on Facebook the other night I have changed the name of my blog.  The only reason for the change is that when I came up with Mummy Haze my kids were 6 and 2, then I didn’t write for years! This year those very same children my math tells me will be 15 and 11. I am thinking that I am fast approaching a time where I will no longer be Mummy! In fact I think it has passed me by and I am not sure when. I was called Mumma, Ma and Mum today at different times by different children.

So as my writing is really more about me (could I get anymore self centred!) and it is about the musings of my life, my road to recovery and other associated things that I do some of which will include my hubby and kids but not focused on them. I thought a name change was the way to go! Honestly if I had ever envisaged in 2007 that I might still be writing or that writing would have actually become part of my life I probably would have put more thought in then!

I hope you enjoy or perhaps can understand a little more or maybe if you are new reader something I write might resonate with you and it might help to know you are not alone.  Most of all thank you to everyone for reading!

Welcome to Life Through the Haze!
Cathy xoxo

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