I think I actually meant to say DEAD RATS!  A little while ago I wrote about the chickens living next door.  One of the many things that I seriously dislike about chickens is the rodents that often accompany them.

Turns out this time instead of mice like the last time they had chickens this time we got rats!  Eeeeeewwwww.  I don’t cope with mice at the best of times and have been known to scream so loudly that I have scared a mouse to death or at least scared it rigid and someone else made sure it wasn’t going to run free again.

I sat down in the lounge next to the open window with a lovely breeze coming in this morning.  Within minutes the smell wafting in the window became too much.  My daughter’s who are in my bed recovering from the vomits took great delight in telling me that Hubby had found two dead rats the other night and they were now in the bin.

Thinking that perhaps it was the smell from the bin I went outside to move it and see if that was the smell.  Armed with a can of Eucalyptus Spray I sprayed in and around the bin even though it was apparent to me that sadly the smell wasn’t actually coming from the bin.  As I searched around for the source of the smell I noticed a small hole in the external fibro of the house.  A quick whiff in that general direction told me that the source of the smell was I am feeling certain on the inside of the wall.

I quickly messaged Hubby suggesting there was a terrible smell coming from outside the window and I think from the hole!  Sadly, he messaged back as quickly with the news he had hoped it was the bin (seems he’s been searching for the source of the smell for a while).  He thinks perhaps it is in fact a dead animal!

I suggested that dropping a lit stick of incense down the hole was perhaps not the way to go because even I can see that it may be a little dangerous and over the top, especially if it creates a fire.  Though I am seriously considering calling the army to see if they need to use a house in a field exercise!

The question is now how do we get rid of this god awful smell!  I did a quick google search and none of them were very helpful and most suggested that this is a smell that could linger for months!!!  Months, really winter can’t come soon enough so I can close the window!

Most of the suggestions include cutting open the wall and finding the source because apparently it could cause further structural damage if we leave it!  There was a suggestion of some absorbent moisture pack in there the only thing is the pack is at least 30cms square and the hole on the wall is about the size of a 10cent piece.  Another suggestion was to tip peppermint oil in there, I would do this right now if only I had some!  The rest of the suggestions are really equally as unhelpful.

Hopefully Hubby will come up with something more useful.  In the meantime I am seriously considering packing and moving out until the smell is gone!  Anyone want to contribute to my hotel fund?

What would you do if you had a smell in your wall? 

Any suggestions on how to get rid of it? 

Hope you have a less smelly weekend than me!

Cath xoxo 

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  1. I feel your pain, we had mice in our flat in London… so we moved to Australia! Seriously though that’s horrible. We also had an athletic squirrel in the loft but we got the pest controller after him and after a few days it was Death By Snickers. The pest control man came and took said squirrel away. Perhaps pest control could come and investigate? That is definitely one job you want to delegate or wait for a wind in the right direction!

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