“Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favourite things …”

The other day I wrote up a review of some of the blogs that I had read in the last week.  I actually left out some of my very favourites so I thought I would do a follow up and include some more of the writers I love.  Again some of these I have been following for a long time and some I have discovered recently.

What I love most about writers is that everyone has different lives and experiences yet somehow we all are willing to open our story for you to read.

Write of the middle  – Min is a mum just a few years older than me and it would seem the more I read a few years further on in her journey than I am.  She gives me hope that I can get there and I will get through this to at least find a point of management of my mental health instead of it controlling me.  Min takes some amazing photos and you really need to follow her on Facebook too.  She has two pups just like me and I was incredibly jealous of her view this morning when she went for her walk!  Min is also a mum to twins plus one so I am looking to her to see how to survive this crazy old parenting gig!

Woogsworld – Kayte is just beyond fantastic!  As I write this she is at her book launch!  Primary School Confidential … how awesome she decided she was going to write a book and she got it done!  Mrs Woog is a doer like that.

Sharpest Pencil  – Lana has a blog called Sharpest Pencil and writes in lots of other places.  I have been reading Lana since forever you know way back when Lana was one of the few key people that I loved to read at Mamamia!  I have put her Facebook link because there is so much more to Lana than just what she writes on her blog. Mostly photos of Henry the dog but that is totally fine because Henry is pretty cute!

Life, Love and Hiccups  – Sonia is so down to earth and I just know that if we lived closer we would be mates!  Son has three busy and a hugely successful life and a couple of businesses with her besties how awesome would that be!

Miss Chardy  – Miss Chardy lives out in the middle of nowhere on a huge cattle station in the Northern Territory.  I have always been a city girl but honestly these days the thought of heading into the real city of Sydney scares me witless.  I am in awe of how Miss Chardy does it all and still manages to look amazing and keep a sense of humour about life!

Sarahdipity – I have just recently discovered Sarah I think through one of the link ups.  I am sure that Sarah has been writing for a long time but has recently rebranded herself.  I just enjoy reading what she has to say.

The Mummy and The Minx – Robyna is a dynamo!  She writes for a number of different sites including her own.  She is raising her two boys and also has another site dedicated to her baby boy who left them suddenly when he was just two weeks old.  Robyna has a wonderful sense of style and self!  I have used her Facebook link so you don’t miss anything she writes.

Adjust Remembered – Antanika is seriously one incredibly strong survivor.  She is a survivor of child sexual abuse.  She refuses to let that define who she is.  She is brave, strong, raw and a survivor.  There is a trigger warning when you read Antanika’s writing but it is well worth reading.

4 kids, 20 suitcases and a beagle – Kirsty has been living the life of an expat for a long time now.  I am in awe honestly I struggle living 90mins away from my parents I can’t imagine living in another country.  I was an expat kid in the early 80’s and life as an expat then was so different to now.  It is an opportunity I would love to give to my kids I am just not quite sure how to do it now.

She’s got you sorted – Sharon is a bit of a kindred spirit of mine.  The things she says just make sense.

Kerri Sackville – Kerri is another writer I actually can’t think of a time when I haven’t been reading her work.  Kerri worked with Lana at Mamamia in what I like to call the good old days, now you will find Kerri’s writing here, there and everywhere.

LouisaG – I am not sure when I discovered Louisa but she is on the list of people that I check in with every day on Facebook.  Louisa also lives with clinical depression, she is another one who gives me hope that one day I will be in charge of my illness and not the other way around!

Colour Me Anna – Anna is just gorgeous.  Anna quite openly shares her journey with anxiety and is frankly one of the most stylish mums getting around!

House Goes Home – I love Alana’s writing always have right back when she was with Woman’s Day!  She is passionate and wears her heart on her sleeve.  We have kids around the same age so it is always good to read stories from others in the same trenches as you.

Em Hawker – Em is a writer and honestly I follow Em because she points out all the chocolate specials at Coles!  She says she has given up chocolate but really who would do such a thing!

Uberkate – I love Kate’s jewellery so much.  I have my Ubercircle that is my pride and joy and I have a gorgeous simply ring that I was gifted at a time that I really needed it.

So here is another list of some of my favourite writers!  For some I have included their website link for others their Facebook page.  For all they are just awesome and honestly you are missing out if you don’t check them out.

There are still so many more I love but I think this is enough for now.

Hope you are having a great Monday night.

Cath xoxo 



4 Replies to “Raindrops on roses …”

  1. That’s a great list you have there Cathy! I read or have read most of those on your list and love them all. Isn’t it wonderful to find something you can connect with xx

  2. What a fab list! I know and love all of these blpggers. I’m on my way home right now to Mrs Woogs book that was delivered today and I can’t wait to start reading it tonight! Huge uberkate fan too! Xx

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