This has been doing the rounds on Facebook and I thought why not put it on here and see who answers.  I am genuinely curious about the answers.
Four names I go by
1. Mum
2. Cathy
3. Cat
4.  We all know I want to be Kit 
Four places I’ve lived
1. Cronulla, Sydney
2. Glen Waverly, Melbourne
3. Miranda, Sydney
4. Suva, Fiji
Four places I have worked
1. IRT – Aged Care Nursing
2. Advertising
3. Cobb & Partners Real Estate
4. Various Schools High School Teaching
Four things I love to watch on TV
1. News
2. Studio 10
3. British Crime Shows
4. Sport pretty much anything except golf!
Four places I have been in the last 15 years
1. Fiji
2. Gold Coast
3. Disneyland (so I’m told and I can see from photos wish I had any memory of it!)
4. Shark Park – to watch the NRL
Four things I love to eat
1. Chicken Snitty with mushroom gravy & chips
2. Chocolate
3. Creamy Chicken Avo Pasta – my home cooked version
4. Did I mention Chocolate
Four Favourite drinks
1. Tea
2. Chai latte
3. Soda & Lime
4. Long G & T on a really hot day
Four things you would do with $1 million
1.  Pay off the mortgage
2.  Take my parents on a huge holiday
3.  Work towards removing the stigma of mental health
4.  Buy something outrageous for my hubby
Four blogs you read today (eeeekkkk I read lots more than 4)
Four things you hear yourself saying a lot
1.  Stop fighting
2.  Please go to sleep
3.  Hurry up
4.  Pick your things up
Four guilty pleasures
1.  Watching West Wing over and over and over
2.  Original Beverly Hills 90210 (entire series 1-10)
3.  Eating Chocolate when the kids are in bed
4. Rob Lowe
Four things you like to do in your spare time
1.  Read
2.  Write
3.  Knit/Crochet
4.  Bake
Four people you would like to have dinner with (alive or dead)
1.  Antanika
2.  Malcolm Fraser
3.  My grandparents (I know cheating that is 4 people in one!)
4.  Sharon
Please don’t leave me hanging and share some of your four things with me.  I added a few extras and it is much harder to do than you think.  Although, maybe not, maybe I just overthink things and worry too much that I much offend someone for not inviting them to dinner!
I can’t wait to read some of your four things.

Kit xoxo

13 Replies to “Four …”

  1. I absolutely love this. These things are so fun to do and to read. You learn so many unusual things about people. I love that one of your guilty pleasures is watching the original 90210. My sister just did that, but I couldn’t go back. I’ll share four of my names to join in on the fun: Renee, Mummy, Naisy, Reggie 🙂

    1. Too funny you say go back to the original 90210 I was in my early 20s when it came on tv, so I watched it first time round and was hooked!! Ahhhhh I am sure that I am only in my early 20s now though so I am not sure quite how that time thing is working! I am pretty certain if I tried to party like I did in the 90s I would quickly discover I am not in my 20s anymore!

  2. Thanks so much for including me in your round-up!

    (And I’m with you on West Wing… I could watch it forever!)

    1. Crochet is really quite easy to learn it is time that often gets in the way I find. I had a really quick look at your site and when I have some more time I am going to have a good explore! Thanks for commenting xoxo

  3. Reading this made me crave a Chicken snitty like nothing else.
    *Frantically pulls chicken out of the freezer*

    1. I know it is like that isn’t it! I just had a bacon butty for lunch mmmmm it was good. love the cooler weather we can earn more hearty food! Ok the downside of course is that come about August I will realise I have put on a layer of “winter” that I need to get rid of before the swimmers go back on! Hmmmm, Honey & Bean that sounds interesting off to discover all about you xoxo

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