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Nearly two weeks my folks woke up to this mess all over their kitchen floor. In case you are wondering it is a half eaten mandarin with scraps everywhere. They have a dog who is quite partial to the old mandarin but only if my mum takes the pips out for her. Add to that the fruit is keep on their kitchen bench and this is on the other side of the kitchen to where the fruit bowl is.

Mum is starting to freak out somewhat. I have been ever so helpful with suggestions like it is a possum, it is cockroaches, it is a rat, right up to it is a ghost and she needs to arrange for an exorcism. I have even suggested that it is my Uncle who lives nearby sneaking in at night to play mind games with her. Mum sleeps like a log and clearly isn’t hearing any noises at night. Dad’s hearing is failing him so without hearing aids in at night for sleeping he won’t hear a thing and quite clearly their dog is useless as far as a guard dog goes! If they pressed the doorbell on the way in the house however, she would bark her head off.
Here are Mum’s facebook updates all about the missing fruit:

16/6  What comes into your kitchen in the night and takes a mandarin from the fruit bowl and leaves a mess like this two nights in a row. The fruit bowl is on the kitchen bench. 17/6  I guess you all want to know did it happen again last night and YES is the answer exactly the same. going to set a trap tonight I am going to put flour on the side to see the footprints, any other thoughts welcome 18/6  What happened last night was we locked the door put mandarin outside and talc down to track the blitter – no foot prints to be seen only Missy* when we let her out during the night (or should I say when Dad let her out) but the fruit eaten. So I guess we are locking the door for a while till it finds another source of food

On the BBQ table outside personally I think they are the dog’s footprints! Mum assures me they aren’t.
19/6  Well here’s to another night in the our house. We went to bed about 10.30 pm Missy went out and then all in door locked and settled down for the night. about 3.00am Missy up drinking and wanting to go out, so up Dad gets and opens the door and comes back to bed, I said ” aren’t you going to shut the door after Missy, reply “no” I said what about the possum, ” reply “it only comes early in the night just after we have gone to bed”. I said ” sure about this”, reply “yes”. Guess what happened when Dad got up at 7.30am to make a cuppa OUR VISITOR HAD BEEN AGAIN what a cheeky fellow not sure what to do next other than keep the door locked!
23/6  Face book asks what on my mind, well let me tell you that pesskie possum is back only last night he came in through a locked door!!! work that one out!! We went to bed Missy had been out so we locked the door as advised by the WIRES lady and when Jim got up this morning there was another Mandarin half eaten same place in the kitchen – so is he living in my house, this is the question? Dad bought a rat trap just in case it is a rat, we will let Missy sleep in the room with us tonight with the door closed, just in case it goes off – lets see what tomorrow brings. Might I just say there is no evidence of either rodent or possum other than those foot prints the other night.
24/6  For everyone that is interested, Dad now thinks it is a mouse or mice. mandarin was taken of the rat trap last night. so now we have set mouse traps and bates where the dog can’t get them. Cathy thinks we need to set up a webcam that might be next. lets she what happens now with the mice.
25/6  Dad put the mouse traps out and none were taken!! Missy has taken to sleeping in her kennel the coldest night of the year she is out of here. definitely web cam next I think!!
26/6  Last night the mandarin was eaten and taken all away but the invisible creature left the mandarin in the mouse trap. no foot prints in the talc at least none you could really see. Dad and Mum are bemiffed and bemused by it all. moving the fridge today.
*Missy is the name of their dog!
The useless, neurotic guard dog Missy!
The truth is I actually think it is pretty funny, but of course only because it isn’t happening in my house. Mum & Dad live in a suburban area in Sanctuary Point down near Huskisson. It is a relatively new brick home (I think about 5 years ish). They have no bush close to it is behind the houses across the road according to google maps and there are no trees big enough for a possum to be living in, in their yard or any of their neighbours on their side of the street.
My cousin wants to see #mandarins trending on facebook and really we are all laughing (except Mum of course) and probably Dad now because Mum would be driving him mad with all of this.
Mum keeps posting updates and we are all giving helpful or not suggestions as to what this could be.
Do you have any ideas what this could be or at the very least can you help me get mandarins trending on Facey for my cousin (my Mum has absolutley no idea what this means!) Meanwhile Mum keeps buying mandarins to feed to their nightly visitor.

Kit xoxo 

Edited with an update:

well here is the culprit – he was ko by the trap Dad took the picture and then went to get a plastic bag to put it in to put into the garbage and it had come too and run off. So we will try again tonight. Hence to say we slept with our door closed and Missy escaped outside into her kennel when all the commotion started. So we will try again tonight with a rat trap, any of you that think this is so funny could offer to come and help us, neither of us are good with this sort of thing!

It’s a rat!

Latest update! 9th July 2016

A couple of nights ago a midnight feast was had by the two legged variety at Mum & Dad’s. So the story goes they heard noises that woke them up, they couldn’t go back to sleep so thought they would get up and get a bowl of ice cream to help with the return to sleep! In the process get chocolate quik to sprinkle on the top and left evidence all over the bench to be discovered in the morning.

What we later found out was that when they got up (the 11yr twins!) they saw the rat! It was running around the kitchen and rather than wake any of the adults in the house one pushed the other into the walk in pantry to retrieve the quik (and put it back!) where the rat was hiding got their ice cream and headed back to bed. This meant that the rat then had free reign to the house. Dad thinks that possibly it ran into the pantry when it received the head injury and has been hiding out and recovering there ever since. Until the door was left open for it to make the great escape that is.

Somehow it got itself back into the roof space where Dad is certain it has been living. Hubby was woken to scratching noises overnight indicating the activity in the roof. So the trap and humane cage have been set and placed in the roof and we will see what tonight brings! I have to admit as much as I want it caught I do not want to hear a big snap during the night.

I now have visions of this rat crawling all over me in my sleep tonight! Dad tells me this will only happen if I have food in my room and I don’t have food as such I consider chocolate medication for my soul! It is unopened and hidden for now (so this actually means I am not sure where I have put it!)

I am praying that tomorrow’s update will be that it is gone!

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  1. It could be mandarin loving maniac living in their roof who has a rope which he uses as a lasso? He might think he’s a cowboy? Obviously not a very clever one by the amount of mess he leaves behind. The ingrate! However that might terrify everyone involved so lets just stick with your ghost theory. A mandarin loving ghost who doesn’t realize it can no longer eat. How intriguing.

  2. Personally, I’d love to see #mandarins trending too 🙂 Do you have a chimney? The possums used to come down the chimney at our house when we were kids. The sooty footprints are a dead giveaway though and you don’t have those.

    1. Nope pretty sure there is no chimney. I think Dad has moved onto that it is a mouse (though I am not a fan of running into a mouse that can push a mandarin across a room!) I just hope they have it sorted before I get there on the weekend!

    1. Mum
      you know you will have to keep me informed of what it is a couple of people have suggested on FB that the footprints are definitely a possum! and you won’t catch a possum with a mouse trap, though I am not sure how a possum gets in through locked doors and windows. Mice on the other hand blergh!
      Can you please sort it out before we get there on the weekend, I am coming for a break not to stay awake all the time at every single noise!
      Love you xoxo

    1. I think it is a ghost too though they have now put down the old style wooden mouse traps and are feeding whatever it is peanut butter as well as mandarins!
      I just hope they have it sorted before I get there on the weekend!

  3. I’d be locking my bedroom door, lol! Hope all is revealed soon. I have to say, I’m just a little in love with Missy the useless nuerotic guard dog… just too cute!

    1. I couldn’t either Denyse! My hubby thinks it is hilarious but if they haven’t sorted it by the weekend he will. Hubby thinks it is even funnier that they knocked out the rat and it came to before Dad could get it out of the house!

  4. I’m sorry I’m a bit late to the party but I’m kind of pleased I’m late because the culprit is revealed and I wouldn’t have been able to bear the suspense! We lived in a Victorian maisonette in London and the flat was full of mice who incidentally would run around the house with gay abandon every time I was on my own. Mice are my nemesis (and don’t get me started on the rats) so we moved to Australia! How did your folks go with the rat trap? Eeek! Rather them than me!

  5. Oh I’m glad that you know who it was! Cheeky rat to come and steal it like that! I had no idea they did that. I’ll have to keep an eye out for my mandarins now.

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