It truly was a very yummy dinner but honestly I can’t come up with what to call it. Perhaps you can help me out with a name. IMG_5519


50g block parmesan (with an extra 50g grated for the sauce)
100g bread (to toast for breadcrumbs) or pre-made breadcrumbs
2 cloves garlic
1 leek (white part) chopped
1 large sweet potato thickly sliced
2 zucchini chopped into large chunks
300ml sour cream
1 cup chicken stock
50g butter
1kg chicken cut into chunks


Place 50g parmesan and bread into thermomix 10secs, sp10
Put aside until needed
Place 50g parmesan into thermomix 10secs sp10
Put aside until needed in the sauce.
Without cleaning the bowl place chopped garlic and chopped leek into thermomix give a quick blitz, scrape down the bowl then add all the butter for 3min, 100deg, sp2 at the end of the time very carefully give a quick blitz.
Add sour cream, chicken stock and extra parmesan mix well 10sec sp4
Grease baking dish arrange sweet potato around the edge of dish, add chicken/zuc to the middle of the dish then pour sauce over everything ensuring it cover everything.
Don’t do what I did and cover it with crumbs just yet!
Cover with foil cook in oven 180deg a good 45mins.
Add breadcrumbs making sure to cover everything, cook for another 30mins check the chicken if it is cook through awesome it is ready. If not give it another 15mins.
I served with rice pasta (GF) but salad, rice or anything really would work. I also made without the chicken stock it is beautiful but a bit dry hence the addition of more liquid it is meant to be a nice creamy runny sauce rather than the way ours was …
My inspiration for this dish was a combination of these two recipes
Chicken Zucchini Casserole from Six Sisters Stuff
Have a great weekend.

Cat xoxo

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