The other day a friend was lamenting a socially awkward moment or two that she had had (you can read about them here,) she was mortified by her behaviour. I on the other hand was in awe that she had a manuscript ready to be able to shove into someone’s hand socially awkward moment or not. I do not have anything close to a manuscript to be able to shove into anyone’s hand should the opportunity arise.

Here are the reasons why I don’t have a manuscript on hand, well at least these are the reasons I tell myself. It could very well just be the fact that I am bone idle lazy! Though sometimes I procrastinate writing because the house is messy, the floors need cleaning or the kitchen needs scrubbing, I am one of those people that actually struggles to sit and relax and take time to do something for myself when I can see (the keyword is SEE) things that need doing. If I can’t see the things then I am ok with ignoring them. On the other occassions that I do sit down to write and nothing comes out this is an insight into why.

Do you ever have those moments or days where you sit down to write and nothing comes out? Instead you end up down a rabbit hole of dreams distracting you from why you can’t write. Off you go investigating all of those things with one thing leading to another leading to another and to another and before you know it you have lost four hours of your day.

I have tonnes of words and at least three business plans in my head but I can’t get them down on paper because well I need

New paper
New pens and pencils 
image: Kikki-K
From pretty stationery and trust me there is so much pretty stationery to distract yourself with on pens, pencils, paper and journals alone I could be lost for hours. The next reason is well a computer. I need a new one and if I can’t have a new one then I need a pretty skin to cover the one that I have.
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Hubby has removed the need for a new computer by updating the insides of the one I have so it is like new and he bought me a pretty skin much cheaper than the ebay ones from Kmart! So I have now lost the computer excuse never fear there are plenty more excuses.

need somewhere to write. Because currently I sit on the lounge with lappy on my lap tapping away on the keys. Oh I need all the things! I need a desk (because I refuse to share the one the kids have but only use to put crap on it) and I need an office to put the desk in so I better go and scour Pinterest to find the perfect office …

images sourced from Pinterest
There is just one slight problem with a desk and office space, we don’t actually have any spare room for said office, this means I also need to look for a new house to live in. 
12 Anabel Place Sanctuary Point


6B Waxberry Place Sanctuary Point


2 Anabel Place Sanctuary Point


Then I daydream about new homes, pretty offices, newer houses to where we are now. After that I remember that I listen to the waves crashing at night in summer where we are now, the kids have their friends and their schools here, we have our friends and community here and just like that I am back at the beginning. No words written down, no closer to being emotionally ready to moving and still without the space for an office or pretty new desks around me.

Please tell me that I am not alone in getting lost down the rabbit hole when I should be using that time for other things.  More productive things like writing down my story, the book about living with memory loss a carers guide, Ben’s story, or even planning business ideas for Mental Health conferences or a Tea Shoppe.

Oh look pretty fine china for the Tea Shoppe


Royal Albert Tea Sets



… and off I tumble again down the rabbit hole of dreams again.

Kit xoxo 

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26 Replies to “Why I can't write …”

  1. I also need a new home. Preferably a mansion. If anyone is looking to be my kind benefactor, I’m listening. I’m just sure it’ll increase my productivity.

  2. Oh my, I am constantly in a state of I need, or spending hours looking over Pinterest or other beautiful images instead of doing what I have to do. 🙂

        1. The 15yr old is heading to the snow on Sunday what do you think the chances are I can convert his room in a week while he is gone with school! It won’t matter he has no where to sleep when he gets back will it?!

  3. Oh my goodness, I have the attention span of a gnat and focus eludes me constantly. That said, I can procrastinate like a boss, did you see Amy’s post today? You may not be writing much, but you’re certainly on your A game with the procrastination. As for the writing, I think it will come, not when you have the fancy house, or the pretty desk or even the new laptop (as lovely as those things are) but when the time is right. In the meantime, a girl can dream, can’t she?! xx

    1. I did see Amy’s post I had to giggle and then Sonia over at Life, Love & Hiccups was talking about getting distracted easily too seems it was the theme of the day because I saw it everywhere I turned without realising it was the theme! Meanwhile I will go back to my dreaming of all the things!

  4. Hi Kat, I have a memoir to write…a diary to enter….art and so much more to do along with a daily blog post but I end up looking at houses…all the time (that is the trouble with having alerts from domain and real estate dot com) because I have this fantasy that my life will be better when we can finally buy a place again. But we can’t for a few reasons and I need to get on with my life..but I get distracted over and over. Sigh. Oh, and I have now banned me from buying anything like stationery, art books and more. I am embarrassed to say i have sufficient!!

    1. There will be no stationery banning here. I have banned myself from buying more wool (except that I get hubby to occasionally buy me some to use up straight away) so that doesn’t count as adding to the wool stash (5 or 6 of the largest sized plastic tubs on wheels) that is in the roof plus I can’t get to it so it also doesn’t count as a stash because I can’t see it to use it! I know all about the “life will be better/perfect when …” When is never bloody going to come is it?! So until when comes I am buying all the pretty stationery!

    1. It totally would I mean they are the only things standing between me and the New York Bestseller and Pulitzer Prize and all the awards! A pretty office and a new computer lol … nothing at all to do with dedication or even talent just the things I need to have the right things or it can’t happen!

    1. I will be honestly happy if I can re-decorate my bedroom and put a desk in my room. That is the most likely chance of having an office I will get in this house. But I also don’t have to go to work I can stay at home all day every day and do whatever I please, so I should be using the time better because it isn’t going to be there forever (the time that is.)

  5. Oh I need all the things too. Completely get where you are coming from. Often I will get the things (perhaps not the new house) and then feel guilty for not just doing things with what I had… it’s a vicious cycle. LOL

  6. Oh my goodness will you look at all those pretties!!! My take on distraction from writing is – if I’m distracting myself I’m not ready to write what ever it is I’m avoiding to write about by distraction! Ummm, I think that sentence makes sense, lol! Sounds like you have some wonderful ideas being tossed around. 🙂

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