Anniversaries are funny things. Most of the time when people think of anniversaries they think of good times. Birthdays, momentous occasions in our lives. Happy times of celebrations.

Sometimes though anniversaries are events in our lives that are other meaningful moments, sad moments, times where we remember our loved ones.

I have quite a lot of anniversaries in my life that give me cause to stop, think and remember. They are a combination of good and sad.

2/5/1971 – My birthday. It is a day I love every year. Sometimes I like a fuss and other times I am happy to just be. But I must admit I do like that there is a day in the year that is all about me.

1/2/1990 – My grandparents where killed in a car accident. This is the moment that marked the before and after in my life.

30/8/1995 – My dear Nanna slipped away from us peacefully. In truth Nan was gone a long time before this with Alzheimers but this was the day we said goodbye.

27/8/1997 – My first cancer operation.

29/5/1998 – Mark died another date that marked the before and the after.

18/9/1999 – Andrew and I started dating we had known each other a long time and the timing was right.

20/1/2001 – My Wedding Anniversary. This is a very special day. A day for so many reason I didn’t ever think would come but it did and we are still doing this thing called life together xo

26/11/2001 – Our son was born another before and after moment in life.

24/2/2002 – My last remaining grandparent passed away. It was Pop’s time but it was still very sad and made me realise I was really growing up.

15/4/2004 – I graduated university. It seemed so momentous at the time but honestly having a degree didn’t protect me from life! Well not in the way I thought it would.

5/5/2005 – Our precious twin daughters were born.

23/12/2006 – My second cancer operation this time liver ca.

16/2/2015 – The day that time stood still. This is the day that my life of the before, after and everything inbetween unravelled in a way I could never have imagined. But here I am nearly two years later still keeping on. Trying to put it all back together.

Life is a smattering good and bad and everything else that comes with it. Just like anniversaries, it is just a bit of a roller coaster and all we can do is hold on for the ride and stop to remember those moments as they pass through our lives.

Cat xoxo 


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