It hit me today while I was sitting at a day long appointment (see tomorrow’s post about that!) why I am not a fan of Halloween. I am all about fun and honestly I really don’t even mind the lollies or dressing up. Here’s the thing as long as I don’t have to!

I have never ever really been a fan of dressing up so whenever I get an invite to a dress up I let out a big groan. I will typically get into it, because I also hate to not fit in.

It would never be my first choice ever to dress up for anything. Except that is in a pretty frock after a nice day at a spa being pampered with the hairdresser, manicures and pedicures are you getting the picture.

This however, is not the only reason that I do not get into Halloween I realised. As I saw picture after picture of all the effort everyone I know (and don’t) were going to in decorating their houses it was plainly obvious. It is the DECORATING! You see I am just not a fan. Not so much of the decorating itself though it is an issue but of the fact that I can’t do it perfectly it won’t look like the picture in the book (or pinterest or instagram!) so I know I will be deflated.

Then I look at all the decorations and think this is JUST FOR ONE DAY!!! I am not a fan of the Christmas decorations and they are an entire season of weeks not just 24hrs. All that effort for one day and then it really needs to come down asap so that all the Christmas decorations can get up. And the storage of all the decorations! Arrrgggghhhh.



I think part of the Christmas issue again is the perfection thing. I want my Christmas tree to look like this

the perfect matchy matchy David Jones tree
the perfect matchy matchy David Jones tree

instead of this

our tree …

it looks more like the decorations box vomited on the tree and nothing matches!  I do have to remind myself that our children have made many of the decorations and there is lots of love on our tree, not cold and clinical as Mr Haze likes to refer to the very perfect trees.

The thing is I love the gift giving, get together part of Christmas and I am all for everyone having street parties and trick or treating. It is the decorating (oh and the dressups just quietly) that do me in!

Do you do Halloween and big Christmas decorations with perfect trees?

Cat xoxo

12 Replies to “I know why I am not a Halloween fan”

  1. I am the Claire Dunphy of Halloween. I adore it and decorate ferociously. Have just said goodnight to our last guest and can’t wait until next year. However, decorating the Christmas tree drives me crazy. I long to drape a sheet over it, store it, then drag it out fully decorated the next year.

    1. Ahhhh with three kids not decorating for Christmas would be unforgivable. But it would be easier if I didn’t have to. xo

  2. Heh, I see your point totally. I carved a pumpkin and put it outside my front door then it pretty much rained non-stop for four days. I had to throw it out because it got all squidgey and mouldy. It’s just not worth the effort!

  3. I let my kids decorate the tree for the first time last year… or should I say that last year was the first time I didn’t re-do the tree after they went to bed.

    I love decorating the house and making it all look festive.

  4. Totally agree! I don’t get into decorating (or dressing up). Our house kind of looks dusty and cobwebby and all that year round, so I probably don’t need to decorate for Halloween anyway! LOL

  5. Do not do Halloween at all. Did do Christmas BIG time and I loved imperfect trees decorated by my then kids and after that their kids – the grandkids. I was huge on traditions and even had a special time for decorating etc. Now, they are older, and we are not near them, I do not have much motivation at all to put anything Christmassy up but I will reserve my decision until it’s closer! Thanks for linking up for Life This Week. Denyse

  6. I did Halloween in the US as a kid (twice) and LOVED it. I don’t really dress up here or do anything for it. Dressing up would be fun but I just don’t have the energy to dress up for a short party or something.

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