I know I could do with a long cool G & T at the end of a long, hot, summer’s day. Sadly, for me that is, Gin is off the drinks list. So I went searching for some interesting drinks that are more exciting than sparkling water for when I am out and about. 

It is coming up to that time of year where there are lots of parties, catchups, end of year breakups, you name it everywhere you turn in summer there is something on. This is mostly a non-issue when you are a drinker but as a non-drinker it can get incredibly boring and isolating when often all that is on offer is orange juice or a bit of sparkling water and soft drink. Sometimes if you are lucky there is a non-alcoholic fruit punch a la ’70s style with canned fruit chunks possibly even frozen into a ring on the top of the punch. 

When searching for non-alcoholic drinks and mocktails it can be a bit soul destroying thinking that no-one is really interested in non-alcoholic drinks and I was left wondering how much of a drinking culture does Australia really have. Then I discovered The Merrythought site oh joy! 

Here is the Moscow Mule which looks sensational. 

1/2 cup Ginger Beer
3 tbsp Fresh Lime Juice
3 tbsp Club Soda

Mix ingredients in a copper mug 3/4 full of crushed ice. Stir together. Garnish with lime wedge.

Here are some others for Summer from The Merrythought site

Prior to discovering The Merry Thought mocktails, I used to taken a bottle of Appletiser with me places so that I couple pop a piece of strawberry into a champagne glass with my Appletiser to appear like I had a glass of champagne. This also got me wondering if Appletiser had created any non-alcoholic drinks and to my giddy happiness they had! 

Here is a selection of my favourites that I will be making over the upcoming Summer! 


Apple Garden Fizz


500mls Appletiser 

Cucumber, chopped into 2cm chunks 

8 strawberries hulled & chopped in half 

12 mint leaves torn 

Apple chopped into small chunks

Lime juice to taste



Add all ingredients to an ice filled jug and stir well 

Pour into an ice filled wine glass 


Fruit Cooler 


Soda Water 

White Grapetiser 



Crushed Ice 




Add all the ingredients into a jug except the ice

Serve in a highball glass over crushed ice 

Virgin Mojito


10 mint leaves chopped 

1 shot lime juice

1 shot sugar syrup


Soda water if too sweet


Rim tumblers with mojito sugar and chill 

Mix all the ingredients together and pour into chilled glasses 

Berry Sweetheart 


Red Cranberry Juice 

White Grapetiser 



Rim Martini glass with sugar 

Pour all ingredients over ice and a slice of lime




90ml Appletiser 

20ml Peach Puree 


Chill champagne flutes 

Add Appletiser then Peach Puree to the chilled glass


Here is one I came up with, that I don’t have a name for or a picture of as I forgot to take a picture, it was incredibly yummy! This is definitely a share drink and if you are sharing with others who don’t want it virgin, Bacardi Rum would be my pick to add to it. 


250g Strawberries 

250g Pineapple 

500g Sorbet

500g Vanilla Ice Cream 

Soda Water 


Put all ingredients except the Soda Water into a blender and blend until combined 

Pour into a highball glass about 2/3rds full and top slowly with soda water. 

So there you have it quite a lot of non-alcoholic options so you don’t need to feel left out over the summer and up-coming silly season. 


Cat xoxo



6 Replies to “Who needs a drink??”

  1. Perfect post. I’ve just taken up drinking again following a 15 year break thanks to a dodgy pancreas but I’m not wanting to go overboard. I do love a cocktail but I think mocktails are a lot more agreeable with me. Love this list.

    1. Thanks Raych! I would just love to go to a function just once and there be some really nice non-alcoholic options. Thanks for the spotlight too xoxo

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