Way back in October our girls received a beautiful gift of two Cheer Chick Charlie books by Leanne Shea Langdown.  This is a lovely series of book aimed at young readers I would say between the ages of approximately 9-11yrs.

The girls both excitedly got straight into reading them and read them each day at school for their quiet reading that they have twice a day. I think they felt quite special having a book that wasn’t in their library at school and not only that but was personally inscribed to them.

The series itself centres around a young girl Charlie and the adventures she has when she is travelling or training for Cheerleading Competitions. Charlie has a great band of friends Laura, Bella and Stunt Boy Ben who is also part of the Cheer Squad (and also has his own book series too!)

As a parent I loved the books because they were easy to read and my girls were enthralled with them. Each book has a “message” which I like too. Honestly though I thought it best that instead of me Mum writing a review about the books for 9-11 year olds, that they be reviewed by the audience themselves. So let me present the book reviews written by Charlotte (Charlie) and Lillian (Lilly) Harding.

Cheer Chick Charlie: Above and Beyond book 7 by Charlotte Harding

Charlie heads off camping in this book. We quickly discover that Charlie is scared of camping and needs to overcome her fear of camping and being without her family.

While out in the bush Charlie and her friends meet Brandon, a boy who doesn’t have the best of lives. But with Charlie and her friends behind him he wins a talent show and is able to get something that he has always wanted.

Above and Beyond is a story about friendship and what we can do when we work hard, work together with others and how it feels to help others too.

You should read this book you won’t regret it!

Cheer Chick Charlie: Let’s Do This book 8 by Lillian Harding

Let’s do this is the latest in the Cheer Chick Charlie series and it is amazing!  Charlie shows that if you want to change the world you can! Everyone can make a difference!

Charlie heads off to Sydney for a cheer competition and heads to the beach. At the beach Charlie discovers a crab that is almost dying and finds out this is because of the all the rubbish left lying around.

So while Charlie, Laura, Bella & Ben are training for their comp, Charlie also plots a way to get everyone to clean up after themselves. I think it is a great book and you should go and check it out now! I can’t wait for the next book in the series.

Thank you so much Leanne for the lovely gift of the books, the girls have thoroughly enjoyed them.

The books were gifted to us for the purpose of a book review, the opinions in the review are entirely those of Charlotte & Lillian.

If you are looking for a great series of books with lovely morals the Cheer Chick Charlie is the one for you! If you have a young son who perhaps is not into sports but loves his gymnastics or dancing the Stunt Boy Ben would be right up his alley!

You can discover more about Leanne and the Cheer Chick Series here

Enjoy your summer

Cat xox 


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