Making: Crocheting fingerless gloves for a lovely friend

Cooking: Not much at the moment not allowed to, on complete rest for six weeks, but I am enjoying reading lots of recipe books to plan all the things I can cook when I am allowed to!

Drinking: Tea, tea and more tea

Reading: The Fifth Letter by Nicola Moriarty

Trawling: Instagram and Pintrest for cooking, knitting, crochet inspiration all the time

Wanting: A magic wand for no particular reason

Looking: At sunsets after reading about Kate Morell

Deciding: On what to watch next on Netflix seeing as I am spending a lot of time sitting and recovering.

Wishing: My recovery was done already. The idea of sitting around doing nothing is actually a lot more attractive than the reality of doing it.

Enjoying: Resting without feeling guilty because I am on drs orders.

Waiting: For so many things but mostly my brain to come back

Liking: That it is winter time and discovering all about hyggeWondering: When my brain will return ….

Loving: My pups they are the very best creatures in the world

Pondering: Why crappy things have to happen in life to all the good people

Listening: To Dixie Chicks and Midnight Oil

Considering: What will I do with my hair at the next appointment before our nephew’s wedding – probably nothing very daring but my hairdresser will be in control whatever it is!

Buying: A Neeeeeeewwwww Car (said Larry Emdur Price is Right style!)

Watching: The Newsroom on iTunes in between The West Wing (for about the 100th time)

Hoping: That it is a lovely day for my Nephew’s wedding in a couple of weeks

Marvelling: The inner strength that some people have. Especially our gorgeous boy, we found out recently that he has had a badly broken shoulder for about 12mths we think. He has just had a major shoulder reconstruction including a bone graft but he is doing really well and we are so proud of him.

The black lines are two permanent screws holding his shoulder together.

Cringing: Pauline, Donald, really there are just too many

Needing: Motivation and purpose … I really need to find this

Questioning: So much, but mostly why people can’t simply scroll past something they don’t like or agree with. Why do they have to tell you how much they don’t like it or abuse you for your views. And even more annoying is that they abuse you but then don’t give you the right of reply to apologise because they simply block you. Why bother saying anything in the first place or why even read if you know it will upset you simply walk on by.

Smelling: Coconut and Lime it is really a lovely scent for the room it is so fresh and reminds me of summer.

Wearing: Comfy clothes

Noticing: That even though we are constantly told we don’t we have a two tier healthcare system and that makes me sad that people who can least afford it but most likely need it more can’t access the quality healthcare others can.

Knowing: That we really just need more kindness in the world.

Thinking: About how I could spread more kindness around.

Admiring: My daughters they are 12 and want to cut 14inches off their beautiful long red hair to donate it to Variety for wigs. I didn’t know but was very surprised to discover that the cost of a wig can be upwards of $6000! So if you would like to support the girls in having their hair cut that would be wonderful. You can do that here

Getting: Organised, it is taking time but I am getting there.

Bookmarking: So many things. Pages about Hygge, Crochet, Recipes, Cocktails

Opening: Books I love opening books to read

Closing: Chapters on my life. This is a hard one and something I will be doing lots and can be super painful but needs to happen to write new stories.

Feeling: Sad, this is a very perpetual feeling that sits with me lots but some days it is quieter than others.

Hearing: The noises of the st. Mostly it is pretty quiet around here but sometimes there is excitement.

Celebrating: Friends I am lucky I have very dear and very beautiful friends

Pretending: I am ok … I don’t do this so well anymore and partly because I have beautiful people around me who hold me accountable to not pretend

Embracing: Winter. I am not really a fan of the cold but winter can bring with it some incredible beauty with it.

This charming list is from Pip Lincolne at Meet Me At Mike’s.  
All Mum Said

6 Replies to “taking stock”

  1. I love a good Taking Stock post and love the new look! So many new things in this post, new car, new recipes to try and a new marriage about to begin. How exciting! How gorgeous of your girls to donate their hair – that’s so generous. Coconut and lime are so great together. I made a coconut lime slice and it was sublime (excuse the pun!) I must get around to blogging it soon!

  2. I used to love the sounds of the street, car doors slamming, the mailman on his put put, the obsessive compulsive with this leaf blower, (not so much) the general quiet chit chat of the neighbors and of course the dogs barking at each other as they made their way down to the beach. Now it’s the barking/crying of the hungry foxes, the crying of the sex starved koalas and the “humphing” of the boxing kangaroos. Lordy! Recovery can be very tough but hopefully you have loads of people popping in. Love your kids too, they are marvelous. Take care xx

  3. All the cringey people – they need to just go away! Your blog is looking very lovely by the way. And yippeee to a new car – always exciting.

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