My name is Catherine, though I rarely get called Catherine these days.  Most people call me Cath, Cathy, Cat or Kit.  I was born in 1971, so that makes me 50 this year, holy crap when did that happen! Surely I am still 17 sneaking into Carmens and dancing on the bar! I would love to not be 49 but it is what it is, can’t change time.

I am the wife and best friend of this guy, who is a generally great bloke and awesome Dad – Andrew who will be known as Hubby on here.  I am not sure if Andrew knew exactly what he was getting into marrying me and we have certainly tested out the sickness & health, better or worse portion of our vows.  Life with me is a rollercoaster of emotions, luckily Drew is a pretty stable bloke who can anchor me when needed.


We got married in 2001, boy, what a year!  Married, bought our first home, I moved out of home for the first time & we had our first baby all in the space of 10 months!  We have a together created a beautiful little family.

The Haze Family

We have Zac our eldest (born in 01) and our beautiful identical twins Charlotte & Lillian (born in 05). They are our life and keep us extremely busy.  Zac is super active with cricket, rugby league, surfing, riding and anything else he can fit in.  Charlotte & Lillian love to dance and are also filling their time with cricket as well.

We live in the Illawarra area which is truly a stunning part of Australia.  Every now and then I dream of moving closer to my parents so I can be there for them and they for us but honestly the thought of change fills me with fear and dread.  How can I start all over again, will I make friends, what about the kids and on and on.  I am sure it would be fine but really I do love my life here.

Our kids are seriously beyond awesome!  I know that is something all parents think their kids are the best, but our kids really do ROCK.  This year alone has shown everyone just how great our kids are.

The real rulers of our house are these little guys Obi (Obi Wan Kenobi) & Chewy (Chewbacca).  Both of them came to us as rescue dogs and just light up my life.  It would seem that really I am here to make the bed for them and make sure there is food and water around for them.


I love to bake, but this is something that I am only just getting back into.

I love to knit and crochet though after the events of this year I am yet to get back into this just yet.

I have been blogging on and off for years.  According to the posts on here I first posted something back in 2007.  I think in my head back then I was going to do it on a very regular basis, who knows what I was thinking.

So much has happened since then!  This year has been an incredibly challenging one and that has probably shifted the focus of my writing from about life with kids to my life and discovering myself again after a very traumatic and total breakdown.

I am sure because my mind is a bit all over the place, I will write about all sorts of things that is just what I tend to do.  I have a tendency to overshare so I apologise for that in advance.

I guess really that is all there is about me.  If I share much more here then there will be no reason to read the blog.

Thanks for finding me and I hope there is a little something in what I write that might resonate with you.

Cat xoxo