Inspired by Sandra Kelly and her soft places and honest spaces series and Kirsty from My Home Truths #imustconfess link up series that recently took a hiatus after five years!! I have come to the conclusion that I would really like to have a safe space for confessions/honest truths/to be your true self/truth telling.

Sandra’s series is a beautiful and raw series on how she got to here. Kirsty had a beautiful link up called I must confess where she provided weekly prompts that you could blog to or you could link something else that worked for you too.

So with the blessings of Sandra and Kirsty I present to you my link up.

Soft Landings

There is always something in life that we have done that we aren’t proud of. Some of us do lots of those things, some not so much. Equally some of us have done these things purposefully and then sit back and think “whoa what was I thinking?” And sometimes these things are just a part of who we are and don’t even realise for a long time that they are a problem but they are things we know we should change!

Since coming to the place that I felt pulled to creating this linkup, I discovered a podcast between Elizabeth Gilbert and Glennon Doyle Melton. Glennon talks about one of her very early posts, her #5 was “I am a recovering alcholic and bulimic. 7 years sober…so in many ways I’s actually 7 years old. Sometimes I miss excess booze and food, in the same indescribable way you can miss someone you abused you and repeatedly left you for dead.” After hitting post and coming back some time later to see a friend’s list that had things like “My favourite snack food is humous.” To which Glennon had the realisation that “Ohhhhh we are not doing that here …

My favourite line in the podcast (that I have listened to over and over!) is Glennon went to her husband and told him that she was going to be a “shameless truth teller!” This line has just resonated with me and it is sitting on my heart. Now let me be clear – I am no Glennon Doyle Melton! But I do hope to as best as I can while still honouring the privacy of my loved ones to be a “shameless truth teller.” It is this journey that I am hoping you will come along with me.

Sometimes things in our lives lead to challenging times. They can also present life defining moments. Whatever happens there are moments that happen and we can clearly see the line that defines us from our life before to our life after. This might if we are lucky happen only once or even luckier you could have this happen multiple times in your life.

In my life I have pretty much always associated change with bad, scary, uncertain, something to be avoided at all costs. It turns out that I am right and wrong. Change is scary because it is different, it can make us uncomfortable, we don’t know what to expect and for someone like me who likes to know what is coming all the time, change can be very difficult. All of that said change doesn’t only come out of bad things in life. It can be exciting, new, electrifying, intoxicating, mind-blowing as well.

In my imagination Soft Landings is a place to come and share your stories. It is like a great big hug on Nannie’s knee when you have hurt yourself or are sad. We will all be like Nannie’s knee giving each other that hug and that soft landing space.

I have created a soft landings FaceBook group  that is a closed group so that the rest of the world don’t see the conversations.

As part of soft landings I will write weekly blogs that will be private and only visible if you are a member of the soft landings facebook group. Each week I will put up a new post with a new prompt and you can share in the group your story from the prompt.

I was going to do it as a blog linkup however, doing it this way anyone can participate even if you don’t have a blog. If you would like to join the facebook group use the link above.

I hope you will join in sharing your stories with me.

Cath xox